About Us

Company profile

Shanghai Hanspark CNC Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in researching and manufacturing of high-end CNC EDM machine. It has provided high-end and well-performance machines to these industries, such as automobile manufacturing, national defense military industry, medical treatment, transportation, hardware tools, etc. Depending on key technology and advantages, HSPK has established the leading position in EDM area, which possesses large scale manufacturing and production line, R & D dept., and comprehensive strength in this industry. HSPK has broken the situation that high-end EDM machines needed to be imported from Europe.


Our vision

The leader in CNC EDM industry.


Our mission

Serve manufacturing industry with advanced technology.


Enterprise spirit

Seeking for Realism, Innovation, Transparent, Cooperation and High-efficiency.

Enterprise culture


Realism is the initial element of continued progress, which is the life creed and work ethic that HSPK constantly pursuing. It emphasis on practical work, practical results, actual effect, and looking at actual achievements.


Innovation is the self-transcendence driving force of HSPK. The key point is to create a range of innovation and continuous improvement for everyone, so as to seek development and promote development through innovation.


Transparency is the culture that HSPK advocates, not to be kept secret and concealed. Customers and employees have the right to know, choose. Mutual supervision and constraints between managers, employees, customers to common improvement.

Cooperation is the strength of HSPK, emphasizes mindful of the overall interests, make concerted effort, do not find the excuse, not to shift responsibility onto others, not to wrangle, and integrate individual interests with collective interests between leaders, employees, departments, and the upper and lower processes.

High efficiency is the unswerving pursuit of HSPK, which means HSPK will provide first-class production, first-class products, first-class service to customers.


Corporate values: customer first, responsibility oriented, value creation, dream realization

Customer first, customer needs are always the priority that HSPK concerns. Company will be able to developed only by customer satisfaction.

Responsibility-oriented means that HSPK braves to take the responsibility from the bottom of the heart, which is the necessary condition to serve the customer, and that is the foundation of the company.

Value creation, the significance of the existence of HSPK is first to create value for customers, bring benefits to customers, and gain customer recognition. Second is to create value for the company's employees and partners to achieve the goal of win-win situation.

Dream realization, dreams come true with ideals, The platform of HSPK is built for the sake of the ideal person. All employees have the chance to walk together, have the same spirit of HSPK, say the same words, realize our common dream, and make HSPK become a leader in the EDM machine industry.


People oriented, Reward the society with quality goods

Aiming to be the the Top 5 EDM manufacturer in the world, HSPK is determined to become an international first-class and long-lasting enterprise.

A century HSPK is our conceptual definition, and the World Top 5 are our quantified goals. Employees of HSPK work steadily and constantly strive to forge ahead, gradually make the enterprise bigger and stronger. Since entering the new century, HSPK has entered a period of rapid development and has successfully entered the top three of the domestic EDM machine industry. Today, we put forward the goal of joining the first group in the world EDM machine industry and entering the World Top 5, which is the inheritance of our glorious history and the unceasing footsteps of HSPK.

Since the first place, HSPK has carried the hopes of many people. HSPK vision is the inevitable requirement of enterprise mission, social responsibility of industry to serve the country, a response to our customers, employees, suppliers, and the public that we've been supporting over the years, and an incentive to excel in the world. We strive to become the Top 5 in the world in EDM machine industry asap, and achieve this century mission.