Quality Assurance

HSPK continues to pursue top-class quality, environment, occupational health, safety and hygiene management. We ensure that all our employees, suppliers, and partners understand, participate in and commit to improving the QEHS process; enhance productivity, reduce waste, reduce environmental impact and prevent labour safety risks, provide high-quality products and services, cherish natural resources, prevent pollution, and continue to improve; create a first-class environment and provide first-class occupational safety and health protection.

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Establish and implement quality management system, take laws, regulations and standards as yardstick, carry out standardized management, control factors affecting product quality in residence, and devote to realizing "zero defect" of the quality. 

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Adhere to sustainable development as the focus of environmental management, and strive to create a good working environment and protect the natural ecological environment and social environment.

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HSPK has always attached importance to the health management of employees and related personnel, do enough, make full labor protection. Employees are the precious wealth of HSPK. 

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Adhere to the principle of "safety first", take the physical and mental health and safety of employees and related personnel as the focus of occupational health and safety, and continuously improve occupational health and safety performance through systematic management.