HE180 EDM Machine

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Double head EDM machine

Work table size(L*W) :2000*1000 mm

X、Y、Z Axis Route:1000/1000*700*500 mm

Machine Dimension(L*W*H):5000*4500*3750 mm

X,Y,Z axis imported panasonic servo system

Windows system, touch screen input, manual control box operation

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Double head EDM machine

Work table size(L*W) :2000*1000 mm

X、Y、Z Axis Route:1000/1000*700*500 mm

Machine Dimension(L*W*H):5000*4500*3750 mm

X,Y,Z axis imported panasonic servo system

Windows system, touch screen input, manual control box operation


Hanspark CNC - HE series EDM machine is Shanghai Hanspark CNC Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. one of the core of the successful development of high-end products, since listing, with high-tech, high quality, high stability and low price quickly get the favour of customers and praise, the product has reached the international advanced level of similar products, is the first choice for domestic high-end EDM machine.

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  • 主机 Mainframe HE180
    X/Y/Z行程 route 1000/1000*700*500
    工作台尺寸/workbench 2000*1000mm
    外形尺寸 Boundary dimension 5000*4500*3750mm
    电极板与工作台距离 Polar distance 800-1300mm
    最大电极承重 Electrode bearing 150kg
    最大工件重量 Weight of workpiece 10000kg
    工作台至地面高度 Bench height 780~800mm
    润滑类型 Lubrication type 手动
    机床重量/Weight of machine tool 13000kg


    工作液槽/油箱 Working liquid tank/tank
    加工槽内尺寸 Table size 3500*1800*850mm
    液面最大高度 Maximum liquid level 700mm
    加工液容量Water tank capacity 2160L
    液槽开闭方式 Work slot opening way 上/下(手动)
    液位控制 Liquid level control 手动
    过滤精度 Filter fineness 5
    油箱尺寸 Tank size 3000*1250*700


    选装项 Optional item
    冷却装置 Cooling equipment
    ATC电极库 Electrode library
    C轴 C axle
    转台 Rotary table
    EROWA/3R夹具 EROWA/3R clamp
    稳压装置 Voltage stabilizer
    电源柜恒温装置 Constant temperature device


    数控电源柜 Nc power supply unit
    操作系统 Operating system DOS(选装Windows)
    控制轴数 Controlled axes 三轴联动(最多四轴)3 axis linkage(4 axis optional)
    CNC指令 CNC order 标准G代码 Standard G code
    通信端口 Communication port USB
    自动化接口 Automation interface
    显示方式 Display mode 15英寸LCD
    输入方式 Input mode 触摸屏Touch screen
    语言 Language 中·英(单选)
    驱动类型 Driving type 数字交流伺服电机/Digital AC servo motor
    最大加工效率 Machining efficiency 500-600mm³/min
    最小电极损耗 Electrode loss ≤0.1%
    最佳光洁度 Optimal degree of finish Ra:0.2
    最小驱动单位 Minimum driving unit 0.001
    最大加工电流 Processing electric current 60A(选100A)
    防火装置 Fireproofing
    输入电源 Input power 3PH AC380V,50-60Hz
    电源柜尺寸 Power supply cabinet size 1075*540*1820mm
    电源柜重量 Power supply cabinet weight 356kg
    总输入功率 Total power input 13KVA(选22KVA)


    放电回路Discharge circuit
    镜面加工回路Mirror processing circuit
    高速石墨回路High-speed graphite circuit
    硬质合金回路Carbide circuit
    钛合金放电回路titanium alloy discharge
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