Development of China Wire EDM Machine: Changes and Development of WEDM in China in the Past 40 Years

WEDM is a kind of numerical control machine tool which mainly uses the principle of pulse discharge to discharge metal products. At present, there is no mature domestic brass WEDM machine in China, so domestic WEDM machines are mainly fast WEDM and now medium WEDM machine. After decades of development, China has become the largest country in WEDM production and use.

In the late 1960s, China Suzhou,A Machinery Factory and Shanghai Fudan University jointly developed the world’s first wire cut edm machine, model: DK7710, travel: 100 x 200 mm, cutting thickness 60 mm, electrode wire is molybdenum wire, software is programmed in 3B language, CNC device is paper tape programming and separator, etc. The main purpose is that some state-owned enterprises need to purchase and use this kind of equipment to process some more precise metal parts. At that time, European and American countries imposed blockade sanctions on China. Precision CNC machine tools such as slow-walking wire cutting were not allowed to be sold to such countries as China. Therefore, it is our pride to develop this kind of wire-cutting machine, which also fully demonstrates the wisdom of the Chinese people.

From the birth of the first WEDM machine to the end of the 1970s, there has been no major break through in the production scale of the WEDM machine, and the performance indicators of the machine tools have made some relatively small progress, but they are still basically in place. In the late 1970s, coastal cities, especially Guangdong province, began to attract investment. Hong Kong-funded and Taiwanese-funded manufacturing enterprises have invested in mainland China to set up factories. Domestic WEDM machines have high precision in processing dies and metal cutting. At the same time, compared with slow-moving wire edm machine, the cost of using Chinese WEDM is very low. To the recognition of the manufacturing enterprise market, WEDM suddenly became a fragrant baboon. At that time, the enterprises that could produce wire cut edm were basically in Suzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou. Since then, WEDM equipment, a machine tool with Chinese originality, has entered the frontier market of reform and opening up in large quantities. By the end of the 1980s, many WEDM equipment manufacturers were able to produce 400 x 400 mm machine tools. The production efficiency of pulse power supply could also reach the speed of 2000 to 2500 mm per hour. The control cabinet had been upgraded to a single board computer or a single chip computer. Some larger companies can produce 150 to 200 units a year.

Into the 90s,the private enterprise of Zhejiang,Jiangsu province in china discovered the increasing quickly market for wire cut edm. At same time,the price of wire edm was half that of other state-own enterprise manufactures.Private enterprises tried to produce plenty of wire edm machines to meet the need the market of china.3G,changfeng and chikai etc famous quality machine brands were born.During this period,The wire cutting machine caught the computer-control tailwind with development of computer technology and software.The first control system was running under DOS,It is YH P&C integrated system for wire cut edm.That was a great progress, the operator only mastered two-dimensional drawing function,then programming and cutting were finished by the control system of WEDM.Reduced capacity requirement for operators, and improved the producing rate.Wire edm machine processing efficiency was from 3000 to 4000 square millimeters per hour at that time,the largest working-table travel was 630×800mm and 800×1000mm.Can machine super big taper work-pieces 60°/100mm,90°/100mm.But the high-precision and low surface roughness products were still machined on slow wire cut edm by operators,China wire cutting machine had been no obvious breakthrough on accuracy and roughness.That moment , a new type of wire edm control system HL had been used in the largest market in china——Guangdong,that was more convenient operation than before.

In the 21th century,the main wire cut edm manufactures had felt tremendous pressure of colleague,One side more and more enterprises were making similar products.The other side,High precision machining were still mastered by the Japan and Europe enterprises can manufactured slow brass wire cut edm. Chinese companies had not enough capacity to make the slow brass wire cutting machines.In 2005,Chinese companies reached and manufactured middle-speed wire cut edm that can increase the molybdenum linear speed and be multiple cutting.Middle speed wire edm development had based on high speed wire cut edm. At same time,there was great progress in efficiency,accuracy and roughness.Over the years,surface roughness for middle speed wire cut had proved slow brass wire cut edm technical index,and the machining cost of middle speed wire cut edm was not creased.That were recongnized by the market.

This is mainly due to the development of domestic software and pulse power supply, which has been fully able to meet the requirements of mid-wire-cutting. At the same time, advanced and precise parts such as linear guideway, servo motor, resin sand casting bed also provide necessary hardware for mid-wire-cutting manufacturing.

Nowadays, the economic downturn is under great pressure, and the business situation of Chinese WEDM manufacturers is bader than before. However, many enterprises still have not given up and continue to insist on development and research. The Chinese government’s reform policy will continue, innovation and economy will continue to develop, and china wire cut edm market will not wither and still be able to move forward.

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Post time: Jul-15-2020