Malinga luso kiyi ndi ubwino, HSPK wakhazikitsa udindo waukulu ku EDM dera lomwe nazo kupanga lalikulu lonse ndi mzere kupanga ..

Malinga luso kiyi ndi ubwino, HSPK wakhazikitsa udindo waukulu ku EDM dera lomwe nazo kupanga lalikulu lonse ndi mzere kupanga ..

NJIRA makina ZAKE Kodi bwenzi

NANU ULIWONSE tingapite.

Anasankha ndi configuring lamanja
makina ntchito yanu kuthandiza inu ndalama kugula kuti amapanga phindu noticeable.



Shanghai HSPK CNC Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in researching and manufacturing of high-end CNC EDM machine. It has provided high-end and well-performance machines to these industries, such as automobile manufacturing, national defense military industry, medical treatment, transportation, hardware tools, etc. Depending on key technology and advantages.



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